Travel with Amy and Max in their hot air balloon through the different worlds!


JEZZ stands for Youth Education Rare Diseases and is intended for children of the uper grades of elementary school and middle school (ages 10-15). Rare diseases are becoming more recognized and globally Rare Disease Day is celebrated at the end of February.

We have been a world-wide organization for many years received and have received signals via our members that there is hardly any understanding is for people with a rare disease.

Practically no single website offers information about rare diseases to children (both medically and psychosocially). This was the reason for us to build this special website.


  • Swimming clinic in America

    On July 11, 2015, the American CMTC-OVM organization has held the annual family day in Atlanta. Rafael Oliver, who has CMTC himself and has two misformed hands, showed to the children that you still can workout.

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  • Family day 2015 in the Efteling!

    On June 27, 2015, we all went to the Efteling (kind of Disney park). This was so much fun especially since we didn't have to wait in the lines. It was beautiful weather and we also had a very nice lunch!

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  • Welcome!

    This is a special website for children of about 10-15 years old on rare diseases! You can also find material here for speeches and essays. You can learn about rare diseases by traveling through the different worlds! We wish you a nice journey! If you have any questions or comments: This email...

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